Need An Inspiring Personal Trainer? You Need Morfus


In life there are some things that are just meant to be together like rhubarb and custard, Ross and Rachel, you and a ridiculously good-looking personal trainer you found through Morfus.

Well, we all need motivation to get off the couch and what better way than to get inspiration than being egged on by a shit hot PT.

Let’s be honest peeps, you’re more likely to turn up to boot camp and put in a bazillion times more effort if you’ve got a little eye-candy to impress.

Morfus works similar to Tinder (without the pizza, beer, or groping) where you can swipe through a database of fitness instructors to find your perfect match.

Whether you’re a pending bridezilla who wants to shape up for a wedding, a new mum on a quest to lose baby weight, or just want muscles like ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, you can swipe until you find the right personal trainer based on your needs and their experience.

There are profile photos (so you can check out the hotness factor) and short bios with their specialities.

3 things to consider when selecting your personal trainer


Location comes down to personal preference. Are you prepared to drive 45 minutes across the city for a hottie, or would you prefer a trainer who’s mobile and will come to you?

You may want a trainer who’s based in a structured gym environment or the flexibility of being able to exercise in a park or at the beach.

Morfus gives you the freedom to find a PT who can meet your location needs.


Training style

Training style can make or break your relationship with exercise.

If you’re the type that likes to be nurtured and encouraged, there’s no point selecting a trainer who runs a boot camp and adapts army drill sergeant tactics such as “Drop and give me 20 or I will kick you in the balls and make you sing like Michael Jackson.”

Then again, if you lean on the side of lazy, that may be exactly the kind of motivation you need. Each trainer has a bio to give you insight into their personality and how they work.



Recently given birth? Then you might like to choose a fitness coach who’s been a mum and understands leaking breasts and light bladder leakage, rather than a power lifter who is focused on building bulging muscles and exists on protein power and chicken.

With Morfus, you’ll find the perfect fit—a personal trainer that’s the right fit for you.