7 New Year’s Resolutions No One Sticks To… EVER


Every year without fail, we make New Year resolutions and promise ourselves we’re going to make an effort to be fitter, healthier, stronger, may even give up drinking wine (okay, said no one ever!).

Think back to December 31, 2017 when you fell asleep declaring you were going to be as virtuous as Mother Teresa, how many New Year resolutions did you actually stick to?

The truth is most resolutions are out the window by January 12 with a promise to be reinstated come February.

February becomes March and look out, here we are back in December of 2018 and we’re back where we started and nothing’s changed.

If you’re thinking of setting some goals for the New Year, here are some resolutions you might as well forget about making, because chances are, no one ever managed to stick to them.

1.  A resolution not to make any resolutions for 2019

Bam! Epic fail. By resolving not to make any resolutions, you’ve already broken your resolution by deciding to turn your back on the end of year tradition and strive for nothing in particular.


2. Fit into your skinny jeans again

Those skinny jeans you put away vowing they’d slide over your thighs and fit perfectly like a glove without having to lie down on your bed and suck your guts in, will still be in your drawer next year… by which time, it’s likely they will be out of fashion!

If you have a stockpile of old clothes you’re waiting to grow back into, donate them to a charity bin, chances are you’ll never wear them again.


3. To never touch another drop of alcohol

Yeah right! It may sound like a good idea when you’ve woken up after epic New Year celebrations. However, unless you’ve always been a teetotaller, you’re likely to fall off the wagon your first bad day of work. Come Dry July, you’ll be contemplating whether you can last a month without booze.


4. No more processed or packaged foods

The idea in theory sounds righteous and wholesome. The reality is we’re all looking for quick and easy fixes. After a big night out on the town, or a huge day in the office, the last thing you want to do is prep, cook and clean up. Takeaways or the drive-thru are a fast and easy option.


5. No more social media

Facebook is like the fridge. Even though you know there’s nothing interesting, you keep going back for a look. We’ve all had friends that vow they’re over social media and are deactivating their accounts. No one can stick to it, because essentially we’re all nosey and have severe FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). After all, Facebook has basically replaced your paper address book.


6. Banish binge watching

It’s a guilty pleasure reserved for mental health days and rainy weather, but vowing to not binge-watch is like denying yourself to breathe. Oh, you might survive summer without falling hostage to an epic TV show, but mark our words, a new season of Ozark or the Handmaid’s Tale will be released and all resolutions to not watch so much telly will be a thing of the past.


7. No spontaneous splurges on retail therapy

You might actually believe this is possible, and it will be…until you see those trendy gym pants that convince you, you will be unable to work out comfortably until you have them…and the matching top…and your old gym shoes don’t go with your new ensemble.


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