Andrea Gaze

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656 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC, Australia


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About this PT

I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and bodyART Master Trainer. I believe it's not only important to be well educated as a trainer but someone who has used their life experience to become an amazing teacher, who will help you explore and learn more about yourself. My focus is always on helping my clients tune into themselves and find the best ways and techniques to achieve what they most need and want for a happy and healthy quality of life. With my background as a professional ballet dancer and theatre production, I bring a creative and artistic flair to all my sessions. I delight in one-on-one training and small groups as the base of APT, but also do outside guest teaching and am the Co-creator of LifeART - the ultimate experience to enable you to re-find your inner joy! We were made to move and our mobility is a huge part of our happiness. Through a lifetime of dance training, 12 years of being a PT, continuous learning and experience, I have also created a simple program called 'Mobility Matters' that can be adapted for anyone to use daily to create and keep mobility. I recently presented my Mobility Matters concept at the the first Healthy Ageing Summit in Australia in 2020 & for COTA Australia in June/July 2020.. My bodyART training is also a passion and true joy - bringing this experience to people is an incredible opportunity for them to discover their own balance of challenge and nurture, yin and yang and find wonderful calm energy and positive self awareness. Teaching bodyART is my happy place as I watch it transform people into happy fit people in both mind and body! Update: APT went fully virtual on 23.3.20 - it's been wonderful to enjoy teaching people not just in Australia but also in the UK and Singapore! Term 3 starts 6 July - a great mix of online PT's & Classes as well as Studio Sessions in Richmond (Groups limited to 10 only) Term and casual bookings are available. Bookings via website.



Extra Skills

Boxing Martial Arts for Fitness, Cardiovascular Training, Communication Presenting Skills, Core Strength & Stability, Flexibility, Functional Training, Group Cardio, Group Circuit Training, Group Dance Training, Group Exercise Freestyle, Health Behaviour Coaching, Injury Prevention Rehab, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Pelvic Floor, Pilates Fundamentals, Screening & Assessment, bodyART Training - Master Trainer for Australia & Mobility Matters (APT Program)


Cert 3 & 4 Fitness


Fitness Australia Australian Fitness Network bodyART Instructor (Master Trainer Australia)


05 Mar 2021


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