Flic Manning

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  • Movement & Recovery
  • Older Adult
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Strength & Conditioning
Brunswick VIC, Australia


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About this PT

Flic Manning is a PT, Group Fitness Instructor, Wellness Coach, Meditation Guide and Dance Teacher that specialises in Women's Health using her renowned Wellness System through her company Corethentic. Flic has Crohn's Disease and Endometriosis which fuels her passion to work with clients with chronic health and pain conditions, in addition she is qualified to prescribe pre and postnatal fitness. She is highly experienced in helping those with spinal injuries and mental health conditions and is an advocate for living a life of Wellness. Flic is a blackbelt in Yoseikan Ryu Karate and a Dance Teacher with over 30 years of experience and she loves to includes these into her fitness sessions. She is also an experienced Keynote Speaker in the Fitness and Wellness industries and a successful entrepreneur. She is based in Melbourne, but her business Corethentic is global, with many of her services available online.



Extra Skills

Anatomy, Physiology , Biomechanics, Business Development Marketing, Cardiovascular Training, Communication Presenting Skills, Core Strength & Stability, Exercise Psychology, Excercise Referral, Flexibility, Functional Training, Group Cardio, Group Circuit Training, Group Dance Training, Group Dance, Group Exercise Freestyle, Group Exercise Pre- Choreographed, Group Running, Group Strength & Conditioning, Health Behaviour Coaching, Health Promotion, Injury Prevention Rehab, Management, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Pelvic Floor, Pilates Fundamentals, Pre-Choreo Group Cardio, Pre-Choreo Group Dance, Pre-Choreo Group Flex, Pre-Choreo Group Strength, Risk Management, Screening & Assessment, Skill & Motor Development, Sports Specific Conditioning, yoga, stretching, core, pilates, ballet, karate, martial arts


Wellness Coaching Pre and Post Natal Exercise for Personal Trainers Cert III & IV Fitness Instruction


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05 Mar 2021


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