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I could tell you how many marathons I’ve run, athletes I’ve coached, or individuals I’ve trained. Sure, those numbers would prove my experience in the field (and I list some details below in case you’re curious), but they wouldn’t share the unique philosophy that I bring to KatFit. The role of motherhood has shaped this philosophy in tremendous ways. I never realized how strong and amazing my body was until I became a mom, even though I’ve been an athlete since my youth. I have learned to appreciate what I can and can’t do and accept that sometimes I can’t achieve my goals as quickly as I once did. These days, my mental stamina is as important as my physical strength, as I juggle the many aspects of family life. I am a personal trainer because I want you to bring grace, self-acceptance, and a positive outlook to your fitness routine. Throw out the sky-high expectations and embrace who you are now and who you can become. Don’t compare yourself to a magazine cover or that picture of you at nineteen. If I can help you embrace where you are in life now, you will stick to your training program and see amazing results. We are all in one of many stages of life. And it’s up to us and those around us to acknowledge where we are and find ways to leverage it to become our strongest, most empowered self. When you work with me at KatFit, I will take into account where you are in your life and develop a training plan that meets your mental needs and physical goals. And just in case you wanted to know, here’s a quick breakdown of my background: I’ve been working in the field of exercise for two decades, working as a trainer and as a coach. I specialize in training women of all ages and coach young athletes. I started participating in track and field at eleven and became an NCAA All-American Athlete while at Wheaton College. I live with my husband and two boys, Aiden and Desmond, in the Philadelphia suburbs and train for half and full marathons when I can.



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Anatomy, Physiology , Biomechanics, Core Strength & Stability, Group Exercise Freestyle, Health Promotion, Nutrition Support Body Composition, Pelvic Floor, Pre/Post Natal Fitness Training


Certified Personal Trainer Nutritionist Pre/Post Natal Fitness




05 Mar 2021


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