Mark Moon

  • Bootcamp & Group PT
  • Online Classes
  • Movement & Recovery
  • Strength & Conditioning
Potts Point NSW, Australia


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About this PT

As a dynamic and down-to-earth trainer, Mark has extensive industry experience from across the globe, inspiring thousands with my relentless energy and passion for fitness. With a 20-year-strong career in health and fitness, I’m a Certified NLP Meta-Coach who holds a Certificate IV in Personal Training, a Certificate in Nutrition, and a Certificate in Wellness Coaching. My focus is connecting mind and body to achieve optimum and sustainable results by coaching toward goal setting and behaviour changes that aligns with your individual goals.



Extra Skills

Anatomy, Physiology , Biomechanics,Cardiovascular Training,Communication Presenting Skills,Core Strength & Stability,Flexibility,Group Cardio,Group Circuit Training,Group Exercise Freestyle,Group Indoor Cycling,Group Strength & Conditioning,Health Behaviour Coaching,Mental Health & Wellbeing


05 Mar 2021


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