Chris MacCabe

  • Bootcamp & Group PT
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  • Movement & Recovery
  • Older Adult
  • Strength & Conditioning


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About this PT

Owner/operator Navigate Personal Training ZUU/Ankorr Bathurst Affiliate Presenter with FTI Global Certified Master Functional Trainer Certified Level 1,2 and 3 Kettlebell Trainer also certified in the following- TRX Suspension Trainer TRX Rip Trainer ZUU level 1 and Level 2 ANKORR Steel Mace Mobility and Trigger point MCT Vipr Functional Bags Battling Ropes Group Functional Training Boxing for Fitness and many more



Extra Skills

Boxing Martial Arts for Fitness,Cardiovascular Training,Communication Presenting Skills,Core Strength & Stability,Flexibility,Functional Training,Group Cardio,Group Circuit Training,Group Exercise Freestyle,Group Strength & Conditioning,Injury Prevention Rehab,Nutrition Support Body Composition,Sports Specific Conditioning,Student Mentoring


ZUU level 1 ZUU Level 2 Master Functional Trainer ANKORR Level 1 Group FX Kettlebells level 1 and Level 2 Functional Bags - Sandbags, powerbags Fundamentals of Mobility Rehab FX Kettlebell level 3 Battling Ropes Steel Macebell Powerful presenting for fitness professionals TRX Suspension Training TRX Rip Training Crank it suspended fitness level 1 and level 2 Trigger Point MCT level 2 Vipr Boxing for Fitness Trigger point Therapy MCT Level 2


Fitness Australia registration number 051893


05 Mar 2021


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