Nikki Williams

  • Movement & Recovery
  • Strength & Conditioning
Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand


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About this PT

My passion has always been to support people tp live healthier and happier lives via Personal Training and Group Exercise Classes. I would love to support you to enjoy moving your body and understand what feels good and why. I am also the Business Development Manager of Exercise NZ and now have the opportunity to expand this vision to support NZ exercise professionals to run healthier and happier businesses.



Extra Skills

Anatomy, Physiology , Biomechanics, Cardiovascular Training, Communication Presenting Skills, Core Strength & Stability, Exercise Psychology, Flexibility, Functional Training, Group Cardio, Group Exercise Freestyle, Group Indoor Cycling, Group Running, Group Strength & Conditioning, Health Behaviour Coaching, Health Promotion, Injury Prevention Rehab, Management, Nutrition Support Body Composition, Pilates Fundamentals, Zumba, Life coaching


Dipolma in Sport Therapy


05 Mar 2021


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