Sotiris Ioannou

  • Bootcamp & Group PT
  • Online Classes
  • Movement & Recovery
  • Older Adult
48 Lorong 32 Geylang, Singapore


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About this PT

Since my early childhood, I was always actively involved in numerous sports (i.e. swimming, karate, rowing, rugby). Although keeping active from a young age, my passion for the health and fitness industry only emerged during my own personal transformation in 2016. From an amateur strongman background initially, to later, a more functional way of keeping active. The switch of mindset was the key to my personal success, and my future endeavours within this industry of helping people. Since then, I have been actively helping people from different backgrounds to reach their personal health goals, and even see beyond their own limiting beliefs, as to what they are capable of, if they really believe in something - mindset!


English, German, Greek

Extra Skills

Cardiovascular Training,Core Strength & Stability,Exercise Psychology,Functional Training,Group Cardio,Group Circuit Training,Group Exercise Freestyle,Group Strength & Conditioning,Health Behaviour Coaching,Health Promotion,Mental Health & Wellbeing


Health Coach Personal Trainer


05 Mar 2021


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