Eng Hock CHIA

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  • Older Adult
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About this PT

BIODATA :: DR CHIA ENG HOCK Dr Chia Eng Hock is a scientist and lifelong athlete, working both as a fitness program developer and fitness educator. He holds a current ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Exercise is Medicine® certification for exercise professionals, and is listed in https://www.exerciseismedicine.org/singapore/support_page.php/eims-certified-allied-heathcarefitness-profession/ His current applied research in exercise science benefits from his eclectic academic expertise. With a PhD from the Australian National University, he has taught and conducted research in leading universities across multiple disciplines in Australia, Canada, Singapore and the United States. Complimenting his work on exercise design, Dr Chia is in the new field of nutrition based on biomedical agriculture. He was one of two scientists from Singapore invited and hosted to join experts from 71 countries for the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture in 2015. Making sure it is good to go when the tire hits the road, as an athlete since school days, he has been a medal winner, finisher, or internationally certified practitioner in multiple fields, from extreme sports to multidisciplinary endurance competitions. At home in the ocean, he is a PADI advanced scuba diver, and an avid participant in endurance multisport, from the Singapore Aquathlon to long distance obstacle course racing. As naturalist, nature adventure athlete and environmental scientist, he has trekked through primary rainforest and dived off remote islands. He has been listed in the Cambridge Dictionary of International Biography, the IFIP Asia Pacific Directory of Information Systems Faculty, the US-based Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, and other reference works. FITNESS PROGRAMS AND EXERCISE DESIGN * Precision Health and Senotherapeutics: Exercise as the Newly Proven Fountain of Youth * Cardiac Regeneration: Reversal of Measurable Biological Heart Age * Movement Quality Training: Build the Injury-Resistant Body You Have Always Wanted but Thought Impossible * Nutrition: Insights and Inspiration from Biomedical Agriculture * The Ultimate Youthful Vitality for a Lifetime: Wide Spectrum Training for Hunter-Gatherer Super Fitness CONFERENCE ABSTRACT Exercise as Personalized Medicine: Far Reaching Implications for Sports Medicine and Public Health Sports Medicine Association Singapore Annual Symposium 2018 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o34ve013j814pr4/%20Abstract%202%2C%20E%20H%20Chia%2C%20SMAS%202018.pdf?dl=0



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Cardiovascular Training,Core Strength & Stability,Functional Training,Group Exercise Freestyle,Group Running,Group Strength & Conditioning,Health Behaviour Coaching,Health Promotion,Injury Prevention Rehab,Mental Health & Wellbeing,Nutrition Support Body Composition,Screening & Assessment,Skill & Motor Development


24 Jun 2021


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